Human Capital Analytics

Global Intergenerational Management for Multinational Professional Services Firm

  • Accomplishments: Most comprehensive scientific evaluation of the drivers of retention and engagement for the new versus older generations of workers.  Data collected from over 40,000 people in 19 countries worldwide.
  • Key insight: Separating myth versus reality for how organizations need to change to adapt to the new generation, how the new generation needs to adapt to the world of work, and which management practices are going to have the biggest impact

Work Redesign Pilot Evaluation for Large Consumer Products Company

  • Accomplishments: Measured the behavioral and productivity impacts of a work design change that created new roles and interdependent teams in customer-facing settings.
  • Key insights: Before-and-after measurement of customer impacts, and linkage to both internal group dynamics and change management effectiveness.

Measuring the Business Impact of Executive Coaching 

  • Accomplishments: Developed model for measuring and improving the business impact of executive coaching.
  • Key insights: Executives’ contribution to business performance often depends on the unique application of their own skills in combination with the actions of people on their team and throughout the organization.

Category Management Optimization for Multinational Food and Beverage Corporation

  • Accomplishments: Designed organization diagnosis framework to evaluate the job and organization design for roles that provide key analytic support for sales.
  • Key insights: The value that functional support roles play in driving bottom line performance, and paths to maximizing that value.

Compensation Pilot Evaluation for a Large Food Products Organization

  • Accomplishments: Designed measurement framework to evaluate new sales compensation program, identifying the drivers of and barriers to increased sales. Company used the results to optimize the compensation program and evaluate whether to institutionalize it.
  • Key insights: Deep understanding of the role of compensation in driving behavior that is aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.

Helped Design and Train Human Capital Analytics Group for a Large Canadian Financial Institution

  • Accomplishments: Consulted on the design, mission and processes of new analytics group focused on employee behaviors. Designed measurement models for analysts and provided coaching on their implementation and interpretation.
  • Key insights: Organizations’ ability to fully capitalize on their employees’ data often requires the building of significant analytical capabilities both internally and externally.

Linking Managerial Competencies to the Bottom Line for a Large Food Products Organization

  • Accomplishments: Created measurements to demonstrate bottom-line impact of managerial competency system. Company used the results to validate the design of the competency system.
  • Key insights: Managerial competency systems that evaluate, develop and reward specific skills that are essential for organizational performance and effectiveness can contribute directly to the bottom line.

ROI of Investing in Basic Skills 

  • Sponsored by National Institute for Literacy
  • Accomplishments: Analyzed company-funded basic skills remedial training programs to determine the ROI of companies filling in gaps left by the primary and secondary education systems. Results used to challenge conventional buy vs. build approach to managing basic skills in companies’ human capital strategies.
  • Key insights: Companies can capture the ROI from investing in workers’ basic skills by paying close attention to how the services are designed and delivered, and to their employees’ career development needs.