Organization Design & Effectiveness

Measuring the Impact of an Operating System Model Change for Global Company

  • Accomplishments: Measured the extent of process and cultural change in a large global company that changed its operating model away from decentralized decision making, including introducing stronger central functions and centers of excellence
  • Key insight: Using behavioral and business measurements to evaluate the bottom line impact of an operating model change.

Work Redesign Pilot Evaluation for Large Consumer Products Company

  • Accomplishments: Measured the behavioral and productivity impacts of a work design change that created new roles and interdependent teams in customer-facing settings.
  • Key insights: Before-and-after measurement of customer impacts, and linkage to both internal group dynamics and change management effectiveness.

Customer Teams Optimization for Large Consumer Products Organization

  • Accomplishments: Designed organization diagnosis framework to evaluate the organization design for division-spanning sales teams that serve the company’s largest customers. The company used the results to restructure the teams and their support systems to improve performance.
  • Key insight: Ways to optimize customer-facing teams that are embedded in matrix structure that crosses divisions.

Merger Integration Evaluation for Chinese Engineering Firm 

  • Accomplishments: Evaluated merger that created company subsidiary.
  • Key insight: Identified areas for improvement in management practices and talent management.

Decision Making Optimization for Global Pharmaceuticals Company

  • Accomplishments: Designed organization diagnosis framework to evaluate the structure of decision making and decision rights throughout the organization and across all functions and divisions globally. The company used the results to clarify roles and responsibilities, realign decision making processes, and improve two-way communication throughout the corporate structure.
  • Key insight: How to achieve the right balance between top-down vs. bottom-up and center-led vs. geographically dispersed decision making.

How Companies Achieve Success in Times of Adversity for Global Management Consulting Firm

  • Accomplishments: Identified organizational structures and processes that companies adopt in good times that enable them to weather both macroeconomic and industry tough times.
  • Key insights: How companies translate strategy into decisions about restructuring, growing and/or eliminating work and lines of business that enable corporate survival and growth in difficult economic environments.